Live Online Virtual Appointments

Bringing the professional and personal service you have come to expect of Mo’s Gallery to a virtual setting. 
How do Mo’s Virtual Appointmetns Work?

Check out our short video to learn more about our virtual services and get to  know the people you will be working with!

  • Call Mo’s Gallery at 520-795-8226 to set up an appointment time with either Mo or Corinne.
  • Mo’s Gallery will send you a Zoom meeting invitation shortly before the appointment is scheduled to begin.  (If you need assistance setting up Zoom on your phone, tablet, or computer prior to the meeting we can help.)
  • Mo’s Gallery has a two camera set-up so we can interact face-to-face over video as well as a dedicated screen for designing.
  • The type of virtual appointment you have will determine any additional steps required beforehand.
Mo standing with the dual video set up for virtual framing design

Still have questions?  Give us a call, 520-795-8226, or send us an email:  We are happy to help!

Are Virtual Appointments a good option for me?

Long Distance Customers

Don’t live in our area?  Moved out of Tucson?  No quality custom framer in your area?

With our Live Online appointments, Mo’s Gallery can do picture framing virtually anywhere!  (yes, pun intended.) 

We help you every step of the way: Shipping your artwork to our gallery, setting up a personal design session, and getting the finished product back in your hands.


Running errands in our neighborhood but no time to design?  No problem, drop off your artwork now and connect with us virtually later.

Hard to get out of the house?  Work keep you away from home?  We offer pick-up and delivery within the greater Tucson area so you can design with us wherever you are.

Mo’s Gallery Virtual Online Appointments give you the flexibility of time AND a dedicated personal interaction with our expert staff.



Due to the visual, and often complex, nature of our business, Virtual Appointments will allow Mo’s Gallery to consult on large projects faster and more conveniently.

Clients ordering custom mirrors now have the option of a Virtual Appointment to select frame samples prior to a measuring consultation.

Designers can coordinate with their clients remotely using an Online Live Virtual Appointment with Mo’s Gallery.


Virtual Appointments will never replace the in-person customer service or design experience Mo’s Gallery is known for.  We know that your artwork, your memories, and your home are exteremely personal and there are times technology just won’t cut it.  Stop by our showroom anytime, we love working with our customers face-to-face!

If distance, time, or inconvenince gets in the way of drive to our store, know that Mo’s Gallery is still able to connect with you.  Our goal is to provide you with the best product and service wherever you are, however we can.