Picture Framing

Collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts
Clay artifacts
Assembly of items commemorating the USS Arizona
picture of framed hand woven sham heirloom
Woven textile 

Traditional Framing Services

  • All conservation matting
  • All 99% UV protection glass options
  • Dry mounting
  • Canvas stretching
  • Hand-wrapped fabric mats
  • Fillets
  • Float Frames

Specialty Framing Services

  • Shadow boxes, display and plexi glass boxes
  • Rug and textile mounting
  • Irregular mat and frame shapes
  • Oval frames

Custom Framed Mirrors

Large selection of classic framing options

Mix & match frames for truly unique designs

Frameless, floating and contemporary styles

We make getting the perfect custom mirror easy.


  • Start by scheduling an in-home consultation.  Our expert designers will take detailed measurements to ensure proper fit and aesthetic balance.
  • Select several frame samples ahead of time to be brought to your consultation.  We can price your custom mirrors on the spot.
  • Not completely sure what you want yet?  That’s fine too.  We will still get full measurements for your mirrors and can make design suggestions.
  • Place your order.  Our turn-around time is typically between 2-3 weeks.
  • Schedule delivery and installation.  Our professional installers have all the tools, hardware and knowledge to hang your mirrors correctly.
  • If you do not choose to have us install your mirrors for you, we will provide the right hardware to do it yourself.
All of our mirrors are made with quality 1/4″ glass made in America


* We can do shapes other than rectangle or square…check out the bottom right image.  We cut the bottom edge of the mirror to mimic the sculpture it is reflecting!* 


Contemporary four piece floating mirror
bathroom mirror in silver bubble frame

Delivery & Art Hanging

Mo’s Gallery offers installation services for both residential and commercial clients.  We can hang single pictures, groupings or your entire home!  Our service van is fully equipped with tools, hardware and ladders for any job.

We also offer art transport services if you are moving within town or need framing services for pictures too large to bring in your own vehicle.

Call us 520-795-8226 for an appointment

Premium Art Storage

With Mo’s Gallery you have peace of mind that your collection is being stored by experts who handle artwork everyday. 
  • Saftey:  Mo’s Gallery has custom built storage for pictures and 3 dimensional art.  Each of your pieces is assigned its own cushioned space and additional wrapping is available depending on your needs.
  • Security:  Your artwork is stored at our facility, not off-site.  There is no public access to our storage area.  When staff is not monitoring the building, our entire store is locked and alarmed.
  • Climate Controlled:  We keep the temperature between 70 – 75 degrees at all times.
  • Aditional Services:  Mo’s Gallery offers transportaion sercives between our location and yours for either pick-up or return delivery.  Mo’s Gallery can re-hang all of your artwork after it has been stored as well.  We also offer framing assessments of your collection and can perform any repairs, upgrades or re-framing needs while your collection is in our care.
  • Flexibility:  Short or long term storage.  Storage fees assesed by the piece depending on size with a minimum monthly fee of $18.95*

Use Mo’s Gallery Premium Art Storge When:


  • You are moving within town and need  a temporary safe place to store your art until you are ready to hang it in your new home.
  • You are building a home and need more long-term storage.
  • Your home or office is being remodled and you want your artwork stored safely whlie construction is going on.
  • You have a few special or valuable items you don’t want sitting in an empty house while you are away for the summer or extended vacation.
Call us today to learn more about how Mo’s Gallery Premium Art Storage serve you today!

* minimum monthly fee subject to change