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Mo started his art career at 13 when he recieved his first camera, a Kodak instamatic 126, for his birthday.  After just two rolls of film, Mo knew he was in love with photography. 

During high school, Mo learned as much as he could about all the various camera types.  It was there that he first used a 4 x 5 studio camera.

For over 50 years, photography has been a passion for Mo.  While he does shoot digital photography, large format 4 x 5 film remains his true love.  Under the black cloth, maniplulating the ground glass, alone with the subject before him – that is where Mo is happiest, crafting and capturing that perfect moment and mood.

Rob was born in South Africa in 1949. He started his art career in 1980 after being a commercial artist by trade for almost fifteen years. His passion for art lead him into pursuing art as a profession, and he has never looked back.

Rob moved to the States in 1988 and climbed the ladder of success in the wildlife art market. He won his first Merit award at the Society of Animal Artists in 1989.

Rob has won many awards on a wide variety of his subject matter. This gives him the drive to perfect his art in all fields. Over the years his style has continued to evolve and he is now one of the more recognized photo realism artists in the art world.

Find Rob MacIntosh’s full bio and list of awards here.

Bill Buckmaster has been in the communications business for more than a half-century with the last 31 years in Tucson where he hosted “Arizona Illustrated” on PBS-6 for 22 years and his own daily radio program since 2011. Bill and his wife Ann are avid travelers visiting more than 100 countries and all 50 states. In a lifetime of travel, they have collected an eclectic range of treasures including old maps and prints. 

These prints, available from Bill’s personal collection, would make a wonderful addition to your own.